Our school


Our vision is to create a community which lives by our school motto, 'Together we achieve'. We recognise that students come from diverse backgrounds and it is our purpose to enrich the lives of all students who come through our doors. We provide a setting where teachers, students, parents and other members of the community work together in a positive and successful learning environment. We invite you to visit the school to enquire about enrolment and inspect our facilities. We achieve a successful learning environment through:

  • High Academic Performance - we provide a wide range of academic learning programs for students in years 7 to 12. From the arts to design technology, science to agricultural studies, maths to humanities a broad range of subject areas are covered. All teachers, every day in every class aim to provide a rich educational experience.

  • Quality Vocational Programs - we provide many pathways for learning including those which involve students in training programs leading to improved employability. A number of Certificate programs are incorporated into subjects. Work experience along with Apprenticeships and Traineeships are also able to be incorporated into a students learning plan.

  • Community Engagement - we actively seek parent and community involvement in the school which enriches the educational outcomes for all. The Parents and Citizen's Association is active within the school community and provides a forum for parents to discuss and contribute to the decision-making process of the school. We also have strong links to the community and have various members of the community involved in school activities.

  • Pastoral Care - we promote active citizenship in a school where values are nurtured in a positive and caring community. Our practices are fully inclusive of every students’ background and our teachers interact with students in a warm and caring manner.

  • A Technology Rich Environment - our school is fortunate enough to have up-to-date technology and learning facilities. We are actively supporting the on-going implementation of a 1:1 learning environment, with students in years 11 and 12 being given the opportunity to receive a laptop to assist in their learning. Teachers also utilise technology to engage students in their learning, using resources such as videos and clips and online content. This is further enhanced by the use of data projectors or interactive white boards, which are in most classrooms.

The school caters for over two hundred student from Years 7 to 12 and aims to provide a high quality of education that makes a positive difference to the lives of all its students. Students with disabilities are welcomed and well catered for in the school environment.

We strive to equip young people for the future to enable them to contribute socially, economically and culturally vibrant community. We assist students to love learning, develop judgement and a sense of responsibility, understand the past and prepare to embrace the future.

Parents are an integral part of the school community and are encouraged to work with the teachers to improve the learning outcomes for their children. The Parents and Citizens Association meets monthly and is extremely supportive of the administration and staff. Parent teacher interviews are conducted at the end of first term and again at the end of second term. Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time if they have any concerns regarding their teenagers. The school strives hard to ensure parents are well informed of their student progress at all times and to ensure communication amongst all members of the school community is open, honest and beneficial.

Last reviewed 10 March 2020
Last updated 10 March 2020